Thursday, January 02, 2014


In Cricket  winning the toss  and the condition of the pitch may hold some significance in  wining the match. Cricket  may be infested with politics but politics is not cricket.In cricket  22 yds rectangular ground is called the pitch. But the ground reality in politics is that here  people are the pitch and they are not yards but numbers that cross billion mark and  can also turn desperate at times

It was the desperation of the people in Delhi that created the AAM ADAMI wave which  eventually blew the wind off the Congress and the BJP. Now that Congress has agreed to disagree with BJP and have allowed the 28 seater AAP to carry the burden of governing Delhi let us aasume hypothetically for  coming five years .

Arrivind Kejeriwal and his team have  been tasked to bat, it is worth our vote to keep a  note on how they face the short pitch and political bouncers. With congress umpiring the match, the BJP is bound to go all out looking for match fixing. 

The coming days will let us know how the  'AAP' team will . The Q Will it bat straight or go back foot to cover drive  their  logics for  subsidy  without substance of reasoning only time will answer. Hope Aam Admi in its aggressiveness to do away with Lal Bati culture and bad Capitalism does not turn Delhi into a socialist hub.....Let's hope Hamari  "AAP KI TEAM" meets our expectations..Jai Hind!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

'HOPE' is the secret of our Energy...

Never thought I will not be able to complete  the Book that I started writing Never thought I will not be able to get rid of my beer belly.Never thought I will not be able to finish all those "Things to Do" that I so willingly listed in the begining of 2013. In short I never thought I will not be  disappointed by my non achievements and not meeting the expectations that I had from a year that began way back in January 2013.I always thought I had all the time in life and that perhaps always made me put off doing things and meet the dead lines. Now that the curtains are drawn on year 2013,I did realize like every year in the past that time and tide  waits for none. In spite of not being an achiever, I feel and remain energetic and enthused about life because I have on my side the thing called 'HOPE' that I trust will always carry me through all my failures and one day lead me to my destination called SUCCESS. I have no reason to not believe that DAY will be one of the coming 365 days that we are looking forward..which is enough reasons to stay Happy and cheerful After all HOPE is the one way  to stay energetic and make  life "Lively"  ...HAPPY NEW YEAR

Sunday, December 08, 2013

He is the " Count" of the Common Man. is that so..?

Probably as I write this, the BJP would be either  a touch away from gaining a simple majority for forming the Govt or  Delhi getting ready for the President's rule. Anyway that's besides the point. This election has all the right reasons to be historical not because Congress got routed nor because BJP is all set to be back after 15 years. This election has come to become historical because of Aam Admi, the party which came into being just a year back and able to vanquish the 15 years  of vanity of Congress as well  making the  BJP  almost miss the 'Bus'..

Arrivind Kejeriwal a newbee on the political turf, succeeded  in delivering the  much needed lesson to Delhi's veteran  political Parties. For this  political rookie it is a phenomenal success  to  be able  to keep the  the mighty  political veterans  breathless and  running  for their vote. Well done Aam Admi. You  have  proved   that Politics in India which is generally  a family  inheritance can also become a  reckoning   force of the common man to checkmate the reckless politicians from using politics to meet their personal agenda. Arrivind Kejeriwal has become a sort of a 'Count'  if not for revenge definitely I presume  for reforming the cause of the Common man....Now time only will tell us if that  is so..?

Thursday, December 05, 2013

I bet...."WE" made the difference...

On Wednesday Delhi's  habitually indifferent electorate turned out in cast their vote.The  elites of Delhi drove down to the respective  polling booths and the  Mango people made it on foot to their designated polling booths. For this city of  Tombs and Minarets, yesterday's 74% turnout was quite monumental. This speaks volumes about betrayed sentiments and frayed angers of the people pulped up by the indifference and arrogance of governance. Where City's civic agencies bleed  corruption, there the city's police force suffer the chronic dis-availability  of  able and refined  policing  to check  the speeding menace of  crime,rape and juvenile delinquency. The time was just right enough for the people of Delhi to use their Democratic  right presumably to  say enough is enough.... Incidentally the new born Aam Admi party rising up to phenomenal popularity has helped the people of Delhi to pin for a brand new alternative other than the BJP. However it will be too naive of our intelligence to drive down to conclusion. That said it will be just sensible of us to believe  that its now 'time over' for the CM in seat..... if this  turns true..."WE" would  I bet.. have made  the difference..


Monday, December 02, 2013


Had they willed, 15  years were  simply not less enough to make the city clean and comfortable for the people  to walk its  roads and lanes  without having to bear the stench , foul plays and road rages that   has now become the part of the common mans daily doze of ordeals. They  logged bulk of their  time in trouble shooting and dishing out excuses for their  non performances that were  hand fed and non palatable.... Their model of governance has always been  based  on the theorem that enriching the insiders and the cronies always  pays..and it surely has proved to have paid them off well beyond the arithmetic of  common man's imaginations.. The " Wednesday Wait"  will let us know  if they pay the price  and  turn "History" or they carry on and create History ...?

This city if not practically,at least   literately is  their home turf .They are home spun community. Had they any time willed to  truly demonstrate the strength of unity and honesty in pulling down the erring establishments , they would have definitely gained access to people's credibility. Their philosophy remain heavily based on shopkeeper's mentality. Through the years they have turned into "Speaking Tree" that has hardly borne any fruits...largely because  it lacks the labour to bear  the fruits...Now if they have of late demonstrated any true signs of 'labour' The "Wednesday Wait" will let us know...what they deliver as the  proof of their true labour..?

Had he ever  willed to never deny publicly his political ambitions during his hay days as social activist...he would have definitely consolidated a lot more credibility, that he presumed to have to-day as the head and shoulder of a new born political party..Having said that  we should definitely giving him the credit of sending shock  waves into the camps of seasoned,hardcore  political parties and their veteran leaders. His commonsense strategy and untiring effort and a leader like vision is all likely to completely upset the political spring board ...,But what is worth watching is will he and his party allow themselves to become an arithmetic tool  in a Hung House...or remain dignified enough to keep aloof  from the very   parties whose deeds were his  reasons  to give the war against...Corruption a the factor....without which today nothing works...nothing  gets cleared it file be it people !.

This WEDNESDAY...'WE'..... the 'Delhi electorate will give our  verdict...and going by the 'pulse of the people'  it looks none of us will press  the 'NOTA' button...but will we be able to vote out a Hung House is something that the "WEDNESDAY WAIT" will  unfold...!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Making "Perhaps" a "Possibility" !

It was not people's need, it was politician's greed that saw India being partitioned on the basis of religion that fell pray to politician's ambitions. No prayers thereafter could halt one of the world's gruesome genocide that consumed people not  politicians. If this nation had not succumbed to politician's lust, perhaps today our neighborhood would not have turned  into a breeding ground for ' terrorism' .Perhaps then this nation  would have had almost a 'no war' record post the British Raj. More importantly perhaps Kashmir would have continued to remain our  divine state and not have become a devastated matter of discord.  It would be more appropriate to mark 15th of August as the day when this country decided to wash away people's desire and succumb to political greed. What happened then in 1947  was, beginning of the History of the Nation that was axed and hacked for political convenience. This nation today at her 67th year of partition remains consumed by communalism, Qutaism ,Regionalism  besides the omnipresence of Scams and Corruption speak loud about this world'd largest democracy that we call India,Bharat,Hindustan

Our Democracy  talk of people's power but never have addressed  people's need .It showcases liberty but refuses  to address failures.It promises secularism but unleashes communal ism. It huddles with majority but speaks for minority. Democracy in this country has simply become the  brand ambassador for "Dynastiscism" In this country it is the lineage of birth and family that creates Political Leadership, not courage vision and ability.

 I don't believe that India  at 67 is too young to not realize that she stands politically crippled, morally marooned and economically devastated .But being  an Indian "Heart and Soul", perhaps  like rest of India I also believe to  stand by the statement that says.. "No matter what we are going through,there is a light at the end of the tunnel for my country ,my India". Any  change in National leadership may perhaps consider   in keeping  the well being of 1.241 billion Indians as the first priority of the govt.. Let us hope 2014 will find us making this  "perhaps''  a "possibility"!

Friday, May 17, 2013

A story with no myth about Vampires...

I grew up reading Stories by Enid Blyton and adventures of Biggles and somewhere on the time zone I picked up Bram Stoker's Dracula and that's when I came to know about those blood sucking men and  women that we call Vampires.

I always considered Vampires to be some supernatural creatures of pr-historic times. Now Adi's 'Tantra' has for some reason or other makes me believe that they are simply part of this crowd we call people. The author Adi  is a Harvard and Stanford graduate and 'Tantra',  his first novel is the outcome of his deep interest in spiritual and religious history of India.

The story revolves around Anu Agarwal  a New York based young lady who is some kind of a professional Vampire hunter. Anu's soul mate Brain is brutally killed by a Vampire. The book 'Tantra' is about her revenge journey  to avenge the killing of Brain. The journey brings her to Delhi and the entire story thereafter zoom around Delhi's streets, roads,Ashrams and pubs.

I will not say 'Tantra' is one of those un- putt able 'don't miss' books. I would however maintain that for a first time author it is a well researched book. A decade back I may not believe about vampires roaming around the streets of  Delhi. However looking at the disgusting crime scenarios in today's Delhi I simply have to take it as real and happening. That makes 'Tantra' a sort of a topical  fiction...and that's an added credit I will give to the author...Adi

This 334 page book is published by Appejay Stya publishing House and @ Rs.195/-it is no disappointing...

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