Thursday, May 15, 2014

When raising the toast tomorrow!

Unlike wine, politicians hardly mature with age. Shri Lal Krishna Advani is the classic example of this fact. In the past BJP had been more in news for Advani tantrums and his stupid statements to Press than for anything else. Again the BJP lady Smt Sushma Swaraj, the leader of the opposition party in the Lok Sabha was more in news  for not allowing the parliament to work. As the leader of the opposition her most significant contribution to the nation was  making the  parliament practically lose its relevance and significance.She was directly responsible for number of non working sessions of parliament which approximately costed  the tax payer 2.5  lac of rupees  per session.  There was nothing significant  in BJP to allow the people even to consider it as the last straw for the survival of democracy.

It was under such circumstances  the BJP's regional leader from Gujarat emerged on the National Political scene.With no foot prints beyond the shores of Sabarmati and Sand dunes of Kutch this man finally after a long drawn verbal spates and dirty gimmicks led by none other than the octogenarian Advani, the BJP was able to announce Shri Narendra  Modi as the Party's Prime Ministerial Candidate.The credit for which should go to no other person  than Shri Rajnath Singh the President of the BJP. For the first time after Atal Behari Bajpai, it was Narender Modi who became the Face of the BJP. People's  endorsement of Modi as the MAN for the Prime Ministership was visible across the country.

His streak of arrogance and his meaty public addresses jelled completely with the mood of the nation so much that it sent shock waves across  all the big, small and tiny political Parties . If he became a "Maut ka Saudagar" for Congress , he was seen as "Butcher of Gujarat" by the tinny TMC of Bengal.  His daring to question the validity of Article 370 and terming J&K as most communal state almost sent Faraque &Omar Abdullahs  the Father&Son  blabbering  away in desperation to cover their exposure

It is now a forgone and heartening  conclusion that Shri Narendra Modi will be sworn in as  the 15th Prime Minister of India.  Let  the octogenarian  in the BJP understand that for Narendra Modi to rise up to the expectations of the people,  the  BJP has to stand unanimous in letter & spirit  when raising the toast tomorrow!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Finally the SPELL is all set to END..!

The way our Country is being run down by  our National Political  leadership  has made our  Democracy the  proprietary right of one single family and  not the  prerogative of the people. This speaks volumes about a nation  that continues to remain influenced by the name GANDHI a factor that has lost its relevance to modern day politicking,

At the point of time when India won her Freedom, the Nation bowed to the wishes of Gandhiji thus making Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru  the first Prime Minister of the Independent India.  Jawahar Lal Nehru's Book "Discovery of India" will always  remain close to our hearts but  the truth of his experiments with name 'Gandhi'  will continue to remain a baffling mystery.  A India where the bulk of the population is illiterate and  live in abject  poverty the name Gandhi and Congress evoke a sense of total patriotism and a total  re-call of martyrdom of a selfless soul. Naturally therefore the surname 'Gandhi' has allowed the Nehru family to reduce the Congress into a Party of the Nehru clan.

Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru  held the Prime Ministership of the nation for seventeen long year till his death in 1964. Then after a short spell of break his daughter Indira Gandhi took over the prime Ministership and after her assassination her son Rajiv Gandhi took over and after his death his Italian wife decided to become  the President of the Congress party and run the nation. To-day Sonia Gandhi as the President of Congress has literally made the  Prime Ministerial position so symbolic that it has made its incumbent  Mr Manmohan Singh a mere punching Bag for all the wrong doings of the  Congress. Congress has become a Party where members are driven by the energy  that service to the Nehru  Family is service to the Nation

It will be wrong however  to say that India never progressed under the Congress. Honestly speaking the Congress has contributed immensely  in building up and developing the Nation. From an emerging Nation and a developing  economy if the Country today has moved to become  an enviable world power  and a developed economy the credit of it rightly goes to the Congress. But it is the Party's alongside collision with the vested interest that has let loose nepotism, corruption and and a never ending episodes of Scams. The Party has gone all hog in mocking the governance so much so that the signs of cracks in the tolerance level of the electorate is becoming very visible with every passing of the day. This election we are sure to emerge as a Congress free India. This incidentally is not a prediction but a verdict of the people. The Nation is bound to endorse this on  May the 16th. Finally the CONGRESS SPELL is all set to end.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Incidentally not an intelligent Politics...


In spite of being a  political newbie he was able to send shock waves into the camps of veteran political parties. Overnight he became the fear factor for both Congress and the BJP. This bureaucrat turned social activist turned politician took  no time in becoming the  political  darling of the people of Delhi. The frustrated people of Delhi who had almost decided to press the NOTA button in that upcoming state elections saw themselves jubilantly pressing away the 'Broom' button. The outcome of the Delhi State Assembly  Polls then saw Sheela Dikshit  and the  Congress bite the bullet and the BJP  shelved and  shocked. It was a  historical emergence of a party that matched the mood and mannerism of the ordinary people.Truly this Party brought to the Delhi's Political scene a culture that redefined the importance of being an Aam Admi.  Every one from Auto drivers, to man on the street, from Middle Class family to the intellectual fold and most importantly the youth force saw  the Aam Admi as the fighting force for their cause for their welfare and for their safety. This was  the face and caliber of the Aam Admi party as read by the ordinary people of Delhi way back then  in November 2013..Since then much muck has flowed down the Yammuna..

Today Arrivind Kejriwal's 49 days Chief Ministership  has become the butt of betrayal for the  Aam Admi . Overwhelmed by his popularity in Delhi Assembly poll, the riding high Arrind Kejeriwal turned in his aspirations for National politics .Such  was  his haste that he simply dropped  his CM responsibilities feeling that  he was the right material for Prime Ministerial responsibilities .

The people of this Nation I am sure would have learned their lesson watching theAam Admi  betraying the trust of the People of Delhi, I hope rest  of this Nation does not  get carried away by the Aam Admi's impressive list of membership which  includes intellectuals,Social activists,NR I's, Corporate CEO's and Bollywood Poster Stars. I am sure none of the people of this nation will any more tolerate the arrogance of  Arrivind  Kejeriwal when he says all the politicians and political parities  other than him and members of the Aam Admi Party  are scoundrels, opportunists and corrupt.

Today majority of  us see Arrind Kejeriwal and his Party  as forces that are bent on neither working for the stability of the Nation nor for the cause of the Aam Admi. Arrivind Kejeriwal and his Aam Admi Party will go down the political history as the most spoiled sports and a wasted energy. Their  gimmicks of throwing challenges at the drop of the coin  are  now being seen as political buffoonery. With Arrivind Kejeriwal's overconfidence  going overboard his  leadership is losing the shine of sincerity and his war against corruption is turning into  a war for his credibility and that  incidentally is not any  signs  of intelligent  Politics...

Thursday, January 02, 2014


In Cricket  winning the toss  and the condition of the pitch may hold some significance in  wining the match. Cricket  may be infested with politics but politics is not cricket.In cricket  22 yds rectangular ground is called the pitch. But the ground reality in politics is that here  people are the pitch and they are not yards but numbers that cross billion mark and  can also turn desperate at times

It was the desperation of the people in Delhi that created the AAM ADAMI wave which  eventually blew the wind off the Congress and the BJP. Now that Congress has agreed to disagree with BJP and have allowed the 28 seater AAP to carry the burden of governing Delhi let us aasume hypothetically for  coming five years .

Arrivind Kejeriwal and his team have  been tasked to bat, it is worth our vote to keep a  note on how they face the short pitch and political bouncers. With congress umpiring the match, the BJP is bound to go all out looking for match fixing. 

The coming days will let us know how the  'AAP' team will . The Q Will it bat straight or go back foot to cover drive  their  logics for  subsidy  without substance of reasoning only time will answer. Hope Aam Admi in its aggressiveness to do away with Lal Bati culture and bad Capitalism does not turn Delhi into a socialist hub.....Let's hope Hamari  "AAP KI TEAM" meets our expectations..Jai Hind!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

'HOPE' is the secret of our Energy...

Never thought I will not be able to complete  the Book that I started writing Never thought I will not be able to get rid of my beer belly.Never thought I will not be able to finish all those "Things to Do" that I so willingly listed in the begining of 2013. In short I never thought I will not be  disappointed by my non achievements and not meeting the expectations that I had from a year that began way back in January 2013.I always thought I had all the time in life and that perhaps always made me put off doing things and meet the dead lines. Now that the curtains are drawn on year 2013,I did realize like every year in the past that time and tide  waits for none. In spite of not being an achiever, I feel and remain energetic and enthused about life because I have on my side the thing called 'HOPE' that I trust will always carry me through all my failures and one day lead me to my destination called SUCCESS. I have no reason to not believe that DAY will be one of the coming 365 days that we are looking forward..which is enough reasons to stay Happy and cheerful After all HOPE is the one way  to stay energetic and make  life "Lively"  ...HAPPY NEW YEAR

Sunday, December 08, 2013

He is the " Count" of the Common Man. is that so..?

Probably as I write this, the BJP would be either  a touch away from gaining a simple majority for forming the Govt or  Delhi getting ready for the President's rule. Anyway that's besides the point. This election has all the right reasons to be historical not because Congress got routed nor because BJP is all set to be back after 15 years. This election has come to become historical because of Aam Admi, the party which came into being just a year back and able to vanquish the 15 years  of vanity of Congress as well  making the  BJP  almost miss the 'Bus'..

Arrivind Kejeriwal a newbee on the political turf, succeeded  in delivering the  much needed lesson to Delhi's veteran  political Parties. For this  political rookie it is a phenomenal success  to  be able  to keep the  the mighty  political veterans  breathless and  running  for their vote. Well done Aam Admi. You  have  proved   that Politics in India which is generally  a family  inheritance can also become a  reckoning   force of the common man to checkmate the reckless politicians from using politics to meet their personal agenda. Arrivind Kejeriwal has become a sort of a 'Count'  if not for revenge definitely I presume  for reforming the cause of the Common man....Now time only will tell us if that  is so..?

Thursday, December 05, 2013

I bet...."WE" made the difference...

On Wednesday Delhi's  habitually indifferent electorate turned out in cast their vote.The  elites of Delhi drove down to the respective  polling booths and the  Mango people made it on foot to their designated polling booths. For this city of  Tombs and Minarets, yesterday's 74% turnout was quite monumental. This speaks volumes about betrayed sentiments and frayed angers of the people pulped up by the indifference and arrogance of governance. Where City's civic agencies bleed  corruption, there the city's police force suffer the chronic dis-availability  of  able and refined  policing  to check  the speeding menace of  crime,rape and juvenile delinquency. The time was just right enough for the people of Delhi to use their Democratic  right presumably to  say enough is enough.... Incidentally the new born Aam Admi party rising up to phenomenal popularity has helped the people of Delhi to pin for a brand new alternative other than the BJP. However it will be too naive of our intelligence to drive down to conclusion. That said it will be just sensible of us to believe  that its now 'time over' for the CM in seat..... if this  turns true..."WE" would  I bet.. have made  the difference..